The mainstream parties in Westminster and Holyrood have let us down.
We believe that workers across Britain must unite together, and that the best time to do so is right now.


Our Campaigns

Workers can end the cost of living crisis

For centuries Britain has been at the top of the economic table, reaping the benefits of an empire that spanned the globe. But the working class has long been content with crumbs dropped from the top of that table – now, even those crumbs are hard to find.

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What’s going on at Ferguson?

There has been an organised smear campaign against the workers in the Ferguson shipyard. Events have been blown out of proportion. Media reports ignore the role of management and insult workers when they say ‘the best have left’ and the company ‘can’t find skilled workers’. Scottish workers need Ferguson. We…

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Muirhouse: ‘This is just the beginning’

Watch the full meeting here. On 27 November 2021 Workers Party deputy leader Joti Brar fought Storm Arwen to visit Muirhouse and speak at a meeting hosted in the Millennium Centre by the local Edinburgh branch. Joti spoke of the need to rebuild a sense of class – in particular…

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About Us

Our Programme

No mainstream political party in Britain today dares to speak for Scottish workers, never mind represent us.

Labour have turned their backs on us – they are more content to attack women in the name of ‘trans rights’ and virtue signal to the London middle classes.

The SNP continue to dangle the promise of ‘independence’ in front of us, but they will do nothing to repair the damage Margaret Thatcher & the Tories did to our industry and our communities. They thumb their nose at the Conservative government in Westminster, but they stand in its shadow!

We want workers to unite and fight across the entire island, and if our unions won’t support us either, then we’ll organise rank and file.

This is why we need you on board. Read more about our programme here.

What You Can Do


Getting in touch is easy – write to us to introduce yourself and find out what the craic is.

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Full membership of the Workers Party costs just £5 a month – this will get you in to our meetings, online and face to face, onto our campaigns, and will let your voice be heard inside the party.


Working class areas need working class representatives!

We encourage our members to stand in council and national elections in their local areas, and give full support to any member who seeks to represent their community.

We received 22% in the Batley and Spen by-election – a fantastic show for a fledgling party – and we want to replicate this across Britain.

Our members

A voice for Scottish workers

Ian M, Glasgow

Paul B, Helensburgh

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