Nationalism does not benefit Scottish workers

Scottish independence rally.
In 2014 Scottish workers revolted against the British economic system. ‘Austerity’ and ‘inequality’ were the words on everyone’s lips during the months leading up to the referendum.

But this revolt against the British economic system was channeled into opposition to the British constitution and the union. The desire for working class power was channeled into support for Scottish independence.

Scottish nationalism, however, like sexual politics and religious politics, is simply another form of identity politics which prioritises national identity over working class unity.

The Workers Party is totally opposed to dividing the working class along any lines, be they sexual, racial, religious or national.

We oppose independence because the constitutional debate is a racket which benefits nationalist and unionist politicians alike.

The SNP can get away with practising austerity for over a decade by appealing to the seemingly imminent but ever-elusive prize of independence. Likewise, Labour and the Conservatives can avoid presenting an alternative economic programme to the SNP by obsessing about the threat of another independence referendum.

And so the constitutional game goes on and on, while Scottish workers are reduced to penury by an economic system which puts profit before people. That is the same economic system which will prevail in an independent Scotland.

Constitutional tinkering is a distraction from overturning Britain’s economic system. Reversing austerity, a job guarantee and reindustrialisation trump a change of flag.

Class over clan!

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