Muirhouse: ‘This is just the beginning’

Watch the full meeting here.

On 27 November 2021 Workers Party deputy leader Joti Brar fought Storm Arwen to visit Muirhouse and speak at a meeting hosted in the Millennium Centre by the local Edinburgh branch.

Joti spoke of the need to rebuild a sense of class – in particular to rebuild class unity in the face of the division being sown by the mainstream parties and the mainstream media.

She also praised the strong representation of women at the meeting. As the backbone of our communities, without the participation of working class women, there can be no revolutionary movement.

Joti emphasised that we are seeking to find, recruit and train the very best representatives of our communities to lead the struggle against poverty, against cuts, and against the ongoing destruction of our communities.

Attendees shared their experiences in struggling to find housing, in struggling against housing neglect by the council, and in organising local school cleaners rank and file in opposition to their bosses as well as to their own union.

Edinburgh branch member Tam, our host, concluded the meeting. His rousing speech explained that the Workers Party programme is the only way to advance the interests of workers in Scotland and Britain, and that this meeting marks the beginning of great struggles and great successes that lie ahead.

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