What’s going on at Ferguson?

There has been an organised smear campaign against the workers in the Ferguson shipyard. Events have been blown out of proportion. Media reports ignore the role of management and insult workers when they say ‘the best have left’ and the company ‘can’t find skilled workers’. Scottish workers need Ferguson. We need meaningful work in aContinue reading “What’s going on at Ferguson?”

Support Ferguson Marine!

We demand that the Scottish government support Scottish heavy marine industry, and ensure that the twenty-one boats that the current ferry plan proposes to buy are built in Scottish shipyards. We are an island nation with a rich industrial history, a skilled workforce, and world-leading science and technology capabilities. We have been building boats onContinue reading “Support Ferguson Marine!”

Nationalism does not benefit Scottish workers

In 2014 Scottish workers revolted against the British economic system. ‘Austerity’ and ‘inequality’ were the words on everyone’s lips during the months leading up to the referendum. But this revolt against the British economic system was channeled into opposition to the British constitution and the union. The desire for working class power was channeled intoContinue reading “Nationalism does not benefit Scottish workers”